Scrap Management
• Inventory
• Market evaluation
• Scrap disposal / Selling
• Debris Clearance
Has your business experienced a sudden boost? Planning to move to a bigger facility or whether you’re winding down your company from choice or necessity. HALEF International can help you in disposing your old/obsolete business assets. If your business is in debt or owes taxes. Whether it could be the entire office facility/ a part / few office IT or Non-IT assets. It’s important to accurately account for the value of your equipment’s. We at HALEF International can help you in both selling & to estimate how much you’ll recover.
We Dispose of unwanted items During office removal. We help office owners do find things they just don't use or need anymore, for instance an old scanner, outdated copier machine, or an obsolete printer. After determining the disposable items, we help in selling them with the help of our recycling partners.
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