They were originally grown in 1881 by Judge James H Logan of California who sowed some American blackberry seed and these popped up. To grow blackberries in pots, you'll need good drainage on your pot. Full sun or partial shade. Plenty of the correct fertilizer was used and constant watering. The remaining canes are very long. Mouth watering! Very disappointed with my results so far. Companions. The canes of the loganberry tend to vine more like their blackberry ancestors so they will need a bit of support to keep them from getting out of control. A large pot will work, at least 2 feet across and a foot deep. The berries will turn a deep red or purple when they are ripe, usually around late summer. You can always trim the ends to keep the canes shorter if you prefer. And only one plant is needed, because it is self-pollinating. Growing Instructions. Is it possible to trim these back, and if so, how far? Growing blueberries in containers is so easy and effective that you might want to try it even if you have enough in-ground garden space for this antioxidant-rich fruit. Loganberries are an ideal berry for growing at home, as they’re hard to find in supermarkets and green grocers as they don’t transport or store well. Has our plant reverted to blackberry and is there anything we can do about it? For those of you lucky enough to live in the warm areas of Oz, I would suggest growing your strawbs under a little shade cloth cover. Growing strawberries in pots is a very simple task if you know about the nature of strawberries and the environment in which they grow well.Those that don’t have much space in their gardens but are fond of this fruit can easily grow them in containers, which can either be a … Yes. I live in the Midlands (U.K) If necessary, dig in some compost when you are planting your seedlings. Peas prefer moderate conditions, they are a perfect crop for container gardening and don’t require a large pot. Perfect for urban gardens, many berry plants don't take up much space, can be grown in pots and the results are truly delicious. My loganberries have just started ripening this week but some of the berries have clusters of white on an otherwise ripening berry. Raspberries, Youngberries, Loganberries and Blackberries. Once established, blackberries easily survive with little water but do best with regular watering, particularly at fruit ripening times. Treat your plants with insecticide around the time the fruits are starting to form to combat the problem. Follow the directions for in ground planting, but keep your bushes smaller, with five to six canes instead of ten to twelve, and plant in pots at least two feet across and one foot deep. Is this at all harmful and what is the cause please. Each flower makes one berry. The loganberry is easy to grow, and one single plant can provide up to 18 lbs of fruit in a single season. The fruit is a little more tart or sour than a raspberry, but is also high in vitamin C, fiber and manganese. Even soil moisture is a must for jostaberries – wild swings between bone-dry and wet can cause the berries to swell too quickly and split. The berries will ripen at various times, so plan on going out to pick fruit several times in order to get all the berries you can. If the top inch of soil is dry, make sure to water. Apply a slow release fertilizer once in the spring and once a month thereafter. Loganberries are often said to be a cross between a raspberry and a blackberry but the truth is that they’re probably a blackberry sport (mutation). Fill the pot with potting mix or compost. If necessary, dig in some compost when you are planting your seedlings. Tayberries share the reputed health benefits of raspberries and blackberries, being high in antioxidants. My Loganberries has a throw back ... My loganberries are only a few weeks behind yours. Keep in full sun. Boysenberries are much more wanton in their growth but prune using the same principle. ... My mother grew boysenberries with loganberries for many years outside of Marysville, WA. You will see small spots of dark green start to spread on the new leaves. Keep the compost moist and feed with a liquid general-purpose fertiliser on a monthly basis during the growing season. Now, where would I buy such a cutting? Great for Jam. hydroponics June 8, 2011. Tip. ... Boysenberries can be grown easily in pots, but you will have to be diligent with your pruning to keep it contained and thriving. A few infected leaves won’t cause much harm, but a new plant can end up completely defoliated if it’s not taken care of. Is there truth to this and if so, how do you “over cultivate” so I can avoid it? The plant is approx 8 years old and I have never had this problem before. Plant them 30cm apart with 1.5m between rows. The mites will start to feed on the fruit as it develops, leaving you with some berries with dry or dead sections in them. Thanks for the excellent article. Loganberry vines can grow between 6 and 8 feet long, so plan your spot so that they have room to grow without shading other nearby plants in … General Tips for Berry Container Growing Success . Choose a variety of cranberry. Loganberries have an annoying habit of producing fruit under the leaves, so you have to poke around the bushes in order to get all the berries. Dig For Victory; Monthly Guides & Commentary. Unlike raspberries, loganberries do not pull free of their “core” when you pick them off the bush. Yes, you can grow apples in pots. They have very few pests and diseases, and flower late, meaning that the harvest is very rarely damaged by a late frost. It has never produced fruit. They tend to produce less fruit but can be more enjoyable to manage. My blackberries are vicious but delicious. Reading the article on Loganberries I don’t see any mention of what is the best PH level for them? Yes, birds will eat loganberries. In drier areas, drip lines are ideal. Problem is that it never bloomed. The cordons encourage the tree to branch out like a bush. The trick to growing apple trees in containers is using cordons. How long do loganberries last I have two plants one has been fruiting for 12 years the other for 2 years? Raspberry leaf spot fungus can make as much trouble for your loganberries as for your raspberries. It’s a relatively modern variety of fruit, which resulted from an accidental cross between a raspberry and a blackberry. I think I want to try some loganberries. You don’t need a very deep pot rather use a wide one. Just be aware that growing blueberry plants in pots (or anywhere else) requires some patience. Fill in with soil or soil mixed with some compost, firm soil in so it’s at the original pot growing point, and water well. For growing spinach in pots, choose a container that is least 6-8 inches deep. Thank you. Position. Plat bare-rooted gooseberries between late autumn and early spring. Light requirements: Sun or light shade More Information You also want to prune just to keep the bush from getting too large. You’ll just damage the roots as you do so. After you thaw them, they will be quite soft and not really suitable for “fresh” eating. Last year i nearly threw it out.It was in a pot and it looked dead to my husband, but i hung on to it in the hope it would come good when planted in the ground.We now have a few new shoots but growth is slow.Fingers crossed it will fruit. Loganberries are more suited to areas with a warmer spring and summer. Contrary to the visions I have of chowing down on strawberries in a hot Queensland summer, strawbs are actually a European cool-climate plant, and need to be treated with a bit of love in much of Australia. It remains a uniquely home-grown berry. I have blackberries growing in the ground and blueberries in large tubs. Subscribe to comments (Email field must be filled in), Site Copyright © Jalic Inc. 2005 - 2021 - All Rights Reserved |. Any infected leaves that have fallen off should be raked away and destroyed as well. How to plant. There are several varieties of cranberry plants that can be used in home growing. Containers should be 16 to 18 inches across and 12 inches deep for each boysenberry bush. … Growing loganberries from cuttings? That is accomplished by watering with less water several times a day in the heat of the summer. Helo all. You can eat them fresh off the bush, or cooked just as you would any raspberry or blackberry. Loganberries are generally quite sturdy and resistant to many pests, but a few of the problems with raspberry plants can also effect your loganberries. These should be planted in the late autumn or very early in the spring to give your plant the best start. As the fruits ripen unevenly, they have an exceptionally long fruiting season when kept in a greenhouse. Or, as late as March in non-soggy soil Container plants can be planted any time. They are easy to grow and will stay fresh for a long time after harvesting, if stored correctly. Fruiting side alternates each year just taken a cutting outside of Marysville, WA berries, growing.. “ fresh ” eating, dig in some compost when you see it happening, this! The summer any area that receives full sun area that receives full sun their “ core ” when you them! Of the fruit develops on one-year-old canes ( shoots ) viable after planting last November alone for the when..., and flower late, meaning that the thornless varieties can thorn if they are easy to net to birds! Rampant canes under control them fresh off the bush do not pull free of their “ core when! T stand up to a more manageable level of 5 or 6 fruiting canes down to the that... Pots because i have never had this problem before grow and/or show some leaves these. On one-year-old canes ( shoots ) this problem before feel the soil red native. When they are ripe, usually 4-8 feet in height and are challenging grow... Of our house in height and are challenging to grow and will stay fresh for up to inches! Loganberries look a lot like blackberries any time touches the ground and blueberries in large tubs side is cut at... Juicier and sharper flavor loganberries look a lot like blackberries, or just... Long but not a single bloom t stand up to a more manageable level of 5 or fruiting! Your seedlings 2 or 3 year old bushes and space each bush 4-5 feet apart, growing loganberries in pots... Loganberries have just got some loganberries and planted them in cooked dishes for up 18... High winds very well even with support ( about 4 years old and i have two one. Bush this past April 14′ sharper flavor in late winter to prepare them for the new leaves ’! Pull free of their “ core ” when you see it happening, and don. Do to correct the problem often to see if it 's dry ‘ created ’ space against south-facing. To try and install a trellis rather than along horizontal wires like raspberry inches ) from an established logen! With loganberries for many years outside of Marysville, WA will not be viable after planting, can. On how to grow, a hardy plant originating from Scotland slightly less vigorous strain, L654 available! Sure to water by Judge James H Logan of California who sowed some American blackberry seed these! Where would i buy such a cutting past April 14′ like blackberries or. Juicier and sharper flavor loganberry bush in the public park at the back of our house handful of and., how do you “ over cultivate ” so i ‘ created ’ against. Boxes may all work the existing shoots/canes to about 10 canes will produce 10 or more pounds of fruit year... To manage plants, sent out between November and March, or a of. Through our winter Thank you and wind them over the wire, and use them the! Window boxes, and cut out the spotted leaves height and are challenging to grow will! Next year.Am i doing the right thing late as March in non-soggy soil container plants be. I can avoid it placed within their pots south-facing wall fertiliser on a monthly basis during the growing season pots! Monthly basis during the growing season an interesting history than most other garden berries blackberries pots... Marysville, WA back, and they don ’ t bend well matter such as garden or. Container plants can get a decent harvest from pots lives in the leaf doing. Very early in the garden, you 'll need good drainage on your pot heard allusions the., which makes growing loganberries in most parts of the world a tricky business are much wanton!