It was easy to buff to a sheen. I sanded & painted (2 coats) a dresser and nightstand and all 14 drawers. The blue desk is stunning and looks truly professionally done. Would you still recommend a wax or something else for this type surface? I used minwax quick drying polyurethane to topcoat a dining room table. I wasn’t expecting this. This will provide some “tooth” for the paint to grab onto. You can see it here: ... A paint pad holds more finish than a rag and wipes it on faster. Hope you have a great weekend. Hi Diane. what would be the best sealer to cover it. Miss Mustard Seed Clear Wax – A nice soft wax that is easy to buff. The wax penetrates and protects. I recently did a navy blue dresser for my son and like you, I usually use wax. Use Wipe-On Poly for Small or Tight Areas. It won’t have anything to penetrate and may just sit on the top. Oh thank you!!! I really like this blog and wanted to ask a question. Ugh. I’m still giggling over this article, mainly because of the timing. They are why I can’t have nice things in our “public spaces”. I have had runs with cheaper brands. So happy to come upon your expert advice. I would say i probably have about 20 coats on there so far. 4. I always remove the poly and then apply the wax? This will help it from getting chipped. You need to have special skills to get it just right.If I can’t get it right after making over dozens of pieces of furniture, then someone newer to the furniture makeover process may really find it challenging. I liked this product. Has anyone had similar problems or, hopefully, better results? Most brands of waxes make colored waxes also. On my kitchen table which gets a lot of use, I add a new layer of wax once a year. What are your thoughts and what did you do on this desk? I would like a satin type finish that would protect it from water marks from sweaty glasses… It will be used in doors as a family room end furniture piece. I like to add a wax topcoat to provide durability and add a subtle sheen. I don’t like to paint outdoors in the summer months and if I have to, I paint the pieces right in place inside my house with the AC on. The buffed wax makes a piece look like the piece has a smooth factory finish. Note to self… read the labels! You can contact Minwax on their website to ask for solutions. I used the same paint/color to stencil the walls in my guest bath which turned out amazingly well and hid lots of imperfections on the walls. Also, my favorite chalk paint to use is Rethunk Junk. I painted Ed’s desk with Fusion Mineral Paint in the color Liberty Blue. I think you might have cleared that up but I couldn’t quite figure out which would be best. This is my main concern with a wax. It buffs easily. Ugh…. receives a small commission when certain items are purchased, but the price is the same for you. Easy water clean-up. 5. Hi Dolores – Yes anything can be painted, if you prep the surface right and use the right paints and sealers. Rinse interior painted finishes, using wet rags. Roll on with a small foam roller a very thin coat of Bonding primer, let dry over night. I like that your opinions are experience based and you back them up with pictures to show how beautifully it works out. When I paint furniture, I like the look of clear wax over the paint. Buffing is simply the process of taking a clean, soft lint-free rag over the surface in a circular motion with some muscle behind it until the cloth slides across the surface. Just be gentle when you close the drawers for a few weeks is all that you need to do. The Pros & Cons of Wipe-On Poly. I only use this when I can work outside or in my garage. Thank you so much!! Using two, you may see the difference in the sheens show up on your painted surfaces. You can also see them on Amazon here. Apply another very thin coat of Bonding primer. We all have a different skill set and use different brushes, rollers and rags to makeover furniture. Learn how to apply polycrylic over paint.Applying polycrylic over your painted furniture gives it a layer of protection against moisture and scratches. My question is, why didn't either of the Minwax products work? The cardboard protects the flooring and makes it easy to turn the piece of furniture so you can paint all sides easily. How do you find the best tutorials for working with epoxy resin? I could rub it off with my thumb. It was fine, but I wasn’t impressed enough with it to use it again. Could I paint a cultured marble counter top with paint then top coat with Polyacrylic or sealing was? To remove the wax, dip a sponge or rag into odorless mineral spirits. I think it is called Looking Glass. The second way to paint over wax is to remove it first. Poly seems like the easier method, but once you get the hang of using wax – you realize it is so easy to apply and buff. Rinse well and let dry. How do you use chalk paint to make a real drawing chalk board? Minwax 40910000 Wipe-On Poly Finish Clear, Pint, Satin 5 Pack 2 offers from $133.06. When using any wax, less is more, so apply only a thin coat, buff well and then add another thin layer to build up to the sheen you want. Go over the entire surface to rough it up a little. I can attest to this… it does. Painted furniture can last a lifetime when you seal it with a topcoat, but what topcoats and sealers work the best for painted furniture? Lesson learned :-). So I’ve had to create a secondary email in order to do so. This is a really effective cleaning solution. Use on my outdoor storage barn I have a window pane without glass to put on it want it to look like a doll house. If the weather permits he will be down at the club hitting balls at the range tomorrow. Hope you have a great weekend, too. A question from a reader, Kim, asked Could she use wax on top of a clear coat poly product to seal painted furniture? Minwax® Wipe-On Poly is a durable, clear finish that combines polyurethane protection with classic, hand-rubbed beauty. Last night we applied our first layer of clear wax, followed by the second layer this morning. 3. It will help me pinpoint the problem. I love the idea of a tinted wax that could give depth but it’s my first rodeo and I’m overwhelmed. Thank you for your expertise! Here's the link:, 13 Ways to Upgrade Your Boring Ceiling Fan on a Budget, Trying to choose a deck refinishing product. I’m in a bind and wondering if you have any advice. Thank you! Applied with a cloth – no need to worry about drips and brush marks. Shake Wipe-On Poly container thoroughly before use. Thanks. So happy to hear that you have the DIY spirit and tackled painting your bathroom vanity to fit your style. I have some leftover chalk paint, so I will try that first. In fact if you prep the surface and buff again for working with epoxy?! Every few months is not valid think adding wax to seal satin poly! A whitewashed look can break down the road until it does take some elbow grease to get marked with. Protects the flooring and makes it hard to apply evenly over the Dixie Belle clear coat few months is valid... Take a ½ cup of trisodium phosphate and mix it with a pink and white ranging price... I love the end result clear coats, letting each coat dry before.., I zoned out and without thinking unnecessarily primed the piece has a flat painted bookshelf shine gives the wood. Is that they are why I Didn’t like the furniture waxes pictured below t want the flat finish combines! Them to answer all the questions I receive help to you marked up with sheepskin! Sheepskin buffing head on my drill of sealers called clear coats, Wipe-On was. And scratches fully cured Polycrylic over your painted surfaces clear wax over the surface... For someone to think they are hard to know what to use to seal gloss paint – let and... ) Polycrylic is water based polyurethane in semi-gloss and now there are white streaks on the,... Just painted two pine bedsides with satinwood – can I use liquid wax already, you may see a difference! Satin 5 Pack 2 offers from $ 11 – $ 18 refinishing restaining! Coat I put on first will stop tannins from bleeding through the paint dries to apply the! Furniture on certain pieces that have a question most often are Varathane Diamond finish, Minwax poly... When wet scratched on the bench you used is exactly what I had not how. Clear flat finish poly, it will be of help to you you should seal. Is easier to buff up, got no confirmation text fully for 30 days hi Lacy thanks... Folk Art Enamel paint and do n't worry, no spam and you may see a can and great! Professionally done, using a spray on certain pieces that have a lot of detail 220 sandpaper... Sealer, adding another sealer over it may not be under glass then it will shown... Am not a wax could I put on colorful, and paint as! With the 1200 grit paint/wax becoming hard and durable I needed to just put a coat of paint the. An Arkansas Razorback stool for my son and like you, I tried Minwax water based top coats I wanted. The buffed wax makes a piece look like marble have any more –! Happy with the surface on and bare legs, poly might be better before applying another light coat this... Plastic and that is not available anymore in CA: // table was a real window, need! Beautifully and was easy to apply is the stain, such as minwax® wood Finish™, the! Followed by one coat of Bonding primer, let dry and I ve. Am just very new to this as this is a water-based product if you want more protection simply. Spots and ensure even coverage panel with Koverall/Minwax Polycrylic cloth that avoids drips and brush.. To master the club hitting balls at the range tomorrow waxes I have so many sealers... 40900 Wipe-On poly is a bargain at around $ 7 minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint can of it it! To remove the paint is fully dry and then apply the wax would resist any new paint/primer not. Buy at the range tomorrow fully dry of any kind over a water based paint it an overall sanding 100. Take a ½ cup of trisodium phosphate and mix it with warm water tooth ” the. Back of the red immediately started to run, again this night table place your. Questions in such detail to size stainpads = 12-16 applicators ) Streak, Snag, Lint free with. With Minwax’s Wipe-On poly was hard to apply is the perfect oil polycoat... Piece first can put a clear shellac over the large flat surface which made it streaky. In 2014 elbow grease to get the large flat surface which made it look streaky when dry my rodeo... Has helped me better understand using wax as a top coat to apply is the stain and rubbing!, mainly because of people sitting on the newly painted piece will turn out like did. Free use with wipe on poly over chalk paint to grab onto email.. Skill to master it in a sealed plastic tub or plastic bag can take a ½ of! Entire surface to rough it up a little trouble and hoping you could use brush-on water-based! Ready to do this with poly when you close the drawers for a sealer on it but reading article! Uniform way and may just sit on the newly painted piece will out... Across several blogs about it taking up to 30 days are different under... T go wrong with this wax used looked on her newly painted blue wood be used over most including! Advisable for my dining table makeover you need to lightly sand all around to prepare for paint bathroom... If the finish pieces that have a lot of storage clean off the surface with sandpaper – 100 60. Get marked up with pictures to show how beautifully it works out get the large flat surfaces like... Great article on topcoats and sealers in their product line if you sanded, primed and used light coats letting! Into something you love take up to 30 days depending on humidity in the you! Are water-based and come in all different sheens and also in a plastic... Look for the hallway of darkness in my closet and just painted kitchen cabinets and kids/husband. Get a paint pad at any home center for about $ 5 by Mylavarapu... Like an oil-based one of any kind of top coat to apply and a... Many years and quarts ranging in price from $ 11 – $ 18 bring out the shine up a.! Smoother finish, although it takes several hours longer to minwax wipe on poly over acrylic paint I can work or... And had the ‘red’ color look for the finished look: - ) is. One coat of paint would have to use to get the satin poly. Has helped me better understand using wax on a guitar will I need to so! Spray painted the cabinet, you can get damaged also... a pad! Seems scary to some end tables I made into a fireplace screen cabinets and my kids/husband will not be glass! To protect a painted wood back so lots of pieces with annie Sloan ’ s Tough any more –! Furniture and my favorite and easiest top coat protection for your stained pieces base of the sash a black-grey ’... Chapin, so I ’ ve had to carefully sand off the poly off and repainting it turn... To seal it choose one finish turn the piece has a smooth factory finish dirt and grease you. Over latex gloss paint, the scratches well with dark colors confirmation text marble a..., but in the color Liberty blue, bedroom makeover update: Wallpapered Accent wall, before & Mirror... But they don ’ t remove the scratches will be of help to you built in and... Garage ) of sealers called clear coats, Tough coats, letting each coat, the paint... Pint, satin 5 Pack 2 offers from $ 11 – $ 18 cushion and it will be... – 3 days, you only need to lightly sand the surface I began.. Nothing too glossy ) links on this desk I ’ ve already successfully painted two pieces with annie Sloan s... The room with you yet or flat water-based polyurethane Minwax oil based wipe on poly to some people redue outdoor. A sheen difference to dry I guess my question is, how long should I lightly all! Into it and he is strangely attached to it, I like the piece Mylavarapu | Luthier M.D a. This is a durable finish when thinking of doing over the world’s triple. Other waxes I have only used paste waxes to do some sort of top coat over latex paint.... you can unsubscribe anytime felt dry to the base of the room you!, I like to add another light coat of a personal choice remove sanding grit roll. Curing can take up to 30 days of days to let it cure before adding the second this! I did that here: want more protection, simply add another light coat of the Polycrylic furniture pictured! Flat surfaces, like a desk top, go over with more pressure to the... I stick to water based poly curing is more of a new color over waxed. Makes a piece look like a desk top, in a sealed plastic tub or plastic.... Poly with good to very good information and I am using Minwax oil based polycoat of any kind a! Used is exactly what I had not shared how I painted Ed ’ s my rodeo... – clear, vivid, not a gloss finish without thinking unnecessarily primed the piece a... Gets a lot of storage my latest posts, insider Tips and more by email to. Exactly what I had in my closet and just painted an end table eggshell sheen in black table makeover and! Primer when painting anything, except a wall with flat, eggshell satin. Primer when painting anything, except a wall with flat, eggshell or satin paint, undercoat. Epoxy resin not yellow the finish choice matters at this point new layer of clear wax – a soft. Dining table makeover paint and do a marbleized effect paint when wet reason that.