A force sensor measures the tension and compression forces which act on the sensor and is also referred to as a force transducer. £5.39. Read this case study Go to case study overview. T: +44(0) 1908 305 960 These are mechanical pressure sensors. Force Sensors and other robot products. Hydraulic Deadweight Testers. Tekscan's patented force measurement, pressure mapping, and tactile sensing solutions provide you with actionable information to optimize your product designs or improve clinical and research outcomes. They are used to measure friction, or to control forces in handling devices, and for three dimensional force measurement in robotic applications. This website deals with our Load Cell (single and multi-axis force), Torque (rotary and reaction) and Pressure Sensors plus our Dynamic Pressure Mapping product ranges. Flow sensors – these sensors are for measuring the force of fluid flow. Tax: £ 15.35 Incl. The Dual-Range Force Sensor is a general-purpose sensor for measuring pushing and pulling forces. Force transducers are sensors that convert a force into a linear electrical signal. As well as generic force sensors, Kistler offers a vast range of customized force measurement solutions in specific applications (see the information box on the right). Mon - Fri 8:30am - 5:00pm The range includes a number of button load cells, miniature s-beam and press force sensors. On the following pages you can find precise and reliable sensors for: Position force; Torque HEX-H Sensor Ideal for those applications that demand higher loads, providing improved accuracy due to lower deformation of the elastomer. Our strain gauge shear pins are extensively used for force measurement in lifting systems and suspended or rotating machines. In universities and industry, for basic research or quality assurance: exact data is always essential in order to measure forces and make processes more cost-effective. Phone: (UK) +44 1495 200 800, (US) 800 543 6698. Falcon Drive, Old Stratford Can also be used in weighing applications. Please leave this field empty. When you request any force cell or sensor from our standard range, we will ship it to you immediately from one of our global facilities. Solutions to Help you Create Better, Differentiated Products and Services. Two ranges allow you to measure forces as small as 0.01 newtons and as large as 50 newtons. FANUC Force Sensors achieve maximum uptime by combining fewer parts with FANUC reliability. They convert applied mechanical forces into electrical output signals, which are sent to indicators, controllers, or computers and convey a … We are also the only UK approved UKAS traceable calibration house for ALL Microtronics BlueForce and Speedforce (EN 12445 / EN 12453) gate impact force tester models. HEX-E Sensor Ideal for applications utilising light weight tools, where the application itself requires a very minimum/low force. MK19 6FG A force gauge is a measurement instrument that measures compression and tension (push and pull forces). All of these different variables need an easy and fast solution such as a force sensor. The C2 force sensor is a proven industry standard for measuring compressive forces. Enjoy your stay :), Copyright © Strain Sense Ltd © 2019 | VAT No. Falcon Drive, Old Stratford Milton Keynes Force Sensor. Verified Purchase. 3-Axis force sensor K3D The 3-Axis force sensors K3D measure the force in the three directions x, y and z. Reviewed in the United Kingdom on 27 August 2018. : 04459986. StrainSense LimitedOld Stratford Business Park Force transducers, also known as force sensors, come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and capacities, ranging from a fraction of an ounce to hundreds of tons. Pressure Sensors. Peratech Holdco Limited Old Repeater Station 851 Gatherley Road Brompton-on-Swale North Yorkshire DL10 7JH United Kingdom T: +44 (0)1748 813670 F: +44 (0)1748 813679 Social 3 MN, other capacities on request. ... 1 Omega Drive, Northbank, Irlam, Manchester, M44 5BD, United Kingdom | As they are measuring push and pull forces, they are normally manufactured from robust materials. If you are looking for high quality / performance force sensors, you are looking for Strain Sense. Our other force measurement devices include a range of miniature tension and button force sensor ideal for instances where space is a limiting factor. Equipped with a Force Sensor, robots are capable of realising assembly, contouring and measuring tasks across a vast number of applications. Our miniature force sensors comprise of button, s-beam, thru-hole and press-fit devices, designed for integration into various test and measure applications. Flow Meters. The Force Sensor can be used to investigate a number of scientific experiments such as: Simple harmonic motion in a spring; Centripetal force in a pendulum; Bungee jump (impulse, momentum, conservation of energy and resultant forces) Newton’s laws of motion e.g. Force Sensor Thin Film Force-Sensitive Resistor Diameter 7.5mm Waterproof Pressure Sensor, 10kg 4.5 out of 5 stars 4. We also offer customised solutions for any unique applications you may have. Now serving the aerospace, biopharmaceutica l and semiconductor markets as well, SMD has become the world leader for OEM - quality, thin film strain gauge load cell sensors. Force sensors and pressure sensors are two sides of the same concept, because pressure is force over area. This Component Finder will make it easier for you to search for generic torque sensors that can be used for general measurements in research and development or in test laboratories. To reduce measurement errors the sensor include a disc that is designed to apply pressure on a larger surface of the sensor. BU18 The BU18 series transfer devices comprise three ring-torsion load cells. The structure can be built in a wide variety of forms depending on the force range and the application requirements. action and reaction; Frictional forces; Hooke’s law; Resultant forces – static and dynamic Both analogue output and amplified output versions are available. Weighing sensors are used for the perfect dosage. Please contact us with your application if you can't find what you are looking for below. As we discussed in a recent blog post, the history of robotic force sensing starts with the development of pressure sensors. They are applicable in a variety of fields such the medical sector, the test and measurement sector and the process, automation and control sector. force sensors from Zemic for their refrigerated juicer 'My Vitaminbar' The 'My Vitaminbar' is a machine that allows you to prepare freshly squeezed fruit or vegetable juices very quickly and easily. 4 different sizes of Force Sensors are available for 6-axis robots with payload capacities up to 250 kg. The FlexiForce® sensor has an ultra-thin construction with flexible printed circuit and can measure force between almost any two surfaces and is durable enough to stand up to most environments. Here at Flintec, our force sensor range provides solutions that integrate effectively into a wide variety of industrial applications. United Kingdom VIEW PRODUCTS » Beam, Shear Beam and Double Beam Load Cells Used in multiple load cell applications, tank weighing and industrial process control. Microtronics BlueForce gate impact force testers and a full range of accessories can now be purchased through the Applied Measurements online shop. Pressure sensor – for sensing the physical pressure of gas or fluids, these sensors can be used in pneumatic and hydraulic applications. Pneumatic Deadweight Testers. Low profile load cell force sensors are made to a minimal height to measure tension, compression and universal forces. Please call or email us if you have any questions about our products or … Sensors UK Ltd 135a Hatfield Road, St Albans AL1 4JX United Kingdom Tel: +44 (0)1727 85 93 73 Fax: +44 (0)1727 84 42 72 Email: sales@sensorsuk.com For any technical information, questions or support, get feedback by Contacting Us . Our XT50 extensometer is a widely used force transducer, applied in industrial and agricultural vehicles, press control and inventory control in storage silos. WIKA offers force sensors in different technologies for a wide variety of applications and, with this, covers measuring ranges of 0 … 0.5 N to 0 … 10,000 kN. Exa… View product for alternatives. Low Force Sensors Designed for laboratory force measurement to permit measurement of small forces. Miniature Force Sensors Browse our range of miniature force transducers designed for use in general test and measurement applications as well as machine monitoring and control. Their operation relies on measuring miniature movements in a precision metal structure using foil strain gauges (known as sensing resistor or force sensing resistor) bonded to the surface of the metal. MK19 6FGUnited Kingdom, Office is open: Part No. It can be used in a broad range of ways: As a replacement for a hand-held spring scale; Mounted horizontally on a dynamics cart to study collisions Force Sensitive Resistor - Square 4.8 out of 5 stars 11. Buy Force Sensors & Load Cells. Milton Keynes As a specialist in customized sensors we offer tailor made solutions next to the standard sensors. Any feedback or comments (good or bad) are welcomed. ... United Kingdom +44(0) 1908 305 960 +44(0) 8700 940 810. sales@strainsense.co.uk. ... Force Gauges; Force Gauges (29 Products) Free UK Delivery* Discontinued . Our other force measurement devices include a range of miniature tension and button force sensor ideal for instances where space is a limiting factor. Email: (UK) info@biometricsltd.com, (US) info@biometricsltd.us.com Farnell offers fast quotes, same day dispatch, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support. Their operation relies on measuring miniature movements in a precision metal structure using foil strain gauges (known as sensing resistor or force sensing resistor) bonded to the surface of the metal. We have the best devices in the industry, with a selection of technology for applications and conditions. FlexiForce™ force sensors can measure force between almost any two surfaces and are durable enough to stand up to most environments. This is continually growing to meet the needs of our customers, striving to ensure everyone can get a device that measures force that’s suitable for his or her particular application. 2. Strain Measurement Devices' load cell sensor portfolio continues to build on an early foundation of providing sensors for the medical device market. Force sensors are used in a variety of automotive applications such as brakes, air bags, speed control, suspension, and transmission.