Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on September 29, 2018: Katie, yeah, it always seems like the Color Street nails still smell like nail polish almost one or two days afterwards. I've tried them both. Have you tried these? Color Street brings revolutionary real nail polish strips to your fingertips through our Independent Stylists. They are so so thick. However, I do feel they hold up better than a professional manicure. But some of the designs seem a little cheap-looking, particularly when the colors are faded or the images are a bit campy. Are you sensing a theme here? Feb 19, 2018 - Color Street discontinued 2018 colors. Answer: I continue to wear Color Street and the result is almost always the same. ... For those whose color preference is true blue, Sutherland has a soft neutral base and mixed gray veins that create a beautiful accord between deep blue tones, warm wood, and white paint. NO: Formaldehyde , Toulene, Xylene, Dibutyl Phthalate - Made in the USA Please enable cookies in your browser before continuing. Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on November 17, 2018: That’s great! Maybe I’m getting better at applying them or something. Each set comes with 16 nail strips, and you can usually use both ends of the strip. Answer: I haven't tried that, but it seems that it would. Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on February 13, 2019: Color Street is definitely the better quality product, however, I’ve found that the more I use Lily and Fox nails, the longer they last. Wondering if they're all the same exact thing just sold under different names? Their website offers only a vague account of their history and information. I love them. Question: I am now a ColorStreet Stylist, I love your fair evaluation, but I would recommend you try ColorStreet Glitter Nails again. Answer: The composition of Lily and Fox nails is different than Color Street, and they actually don't dry out. Individual Oval Casserole The designs are a bit limited, and they cycle through them often, but overall they are contemporary and classy. Search by their entering their name or Stylist ID# below: Enter your zip code to find a Stylist near you. eBay item number: 353222232226. Foundry * 2016-Lapis * 2013-Poppy * 2014-Slate * 2015-White * 1986-Shamrock * 2002-Daffodil * 2017-Turquoise * 1988-Cobalt Blue * 1986-Scarlet * 2004-Sunflower * 2001-Ivory * 2008-Lemongrass * 2009-Mulberry * 2018-Meadow * 2019 - Butterscotch * 2020-Fiesta® by Item. Colorstreet came in the mail fairly quickly and Lily and Fox took forever. Color Street Raises $50,000 for Children’s Heart Foundation March 24, 2020 Color Street raised $50,000 to help The Children’s Heart Foundation, a national nonprofit advancing the diagnosis, treatment and prevention of congenital heart defects… Bathroom Accessories; Bakeware. I didn't have the alcohol pad with me so I washed my nails and applied mouth wash to them. Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on September 28, 2018: Here are the links to the websites of these two companies, which I would imagine would be useful for anyone seriously considering buying their products. Def going to buy again. I love the glitter finish, and adding Miracle Gel over them makes them sparkle even more! When you connect with an Independent Stylist, you’re connecting with a passionate product expert dedicated to giving you the best possible shopping experience and customer service. Free shipping for many products! These strips sell for a very palatable $2.99 per set, with free global shipping, although this is supposedly a sale price. Orders of 1-2 will be shipped economy without tracking. Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on March 14, 2019: Thanks for the tip with the flat iron! Mar 7, 2018 - Fall discontinued list for Color Street nails. On the occasions where I’ve kept them on for longer, they get a little warped and wrinkled. Selling out fast! 2020 New Cambria Quartz Colors! I really do love the way these nails feel. It felt like I was putting children's Colorforms on my nails. Also, what I like to do with Lily and Fox nails is use the ones that are slightly too small for each nail. Today I cleaned my nails with nail polish remover to see if it makes a difference? I did hit them with a top coat when I got back home due to the rubbery tacky feeling and that solved it. Get the best deals on Color Street Nail Polish when you shop the largest online selection at I started my nail strip wearing with CS but now prefer the less expensive wraps that last longer stored. They work the best for me also, I love that brand. Find many great new & used options and get the best deals for Color Street 100% Nail Polish Strips Fall 2020 & Retired -FAST SHIPPING at the best online prices at eBay! Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on April 24, 2019: The magnificent thing about nail polish strips is that they take zero time to dry, which is one of the many reasons I feel they are superior to bottled nail polish. The APR may vary based on the applicant’s past credit performance and the term of the loan. The company’s website does not provide any insight on how to remove the strips; I generally just peel them all off when I’m ready to be done with them. I feel like Lily and Fox last longer because the strips are thicker, so that’s a positive. I don’t know if that’s helpful. The price point is a little hard to swallow, but they are still cheaper than most professional manicures. I’ve tried a couple that were truly frustrating, but other than those ones I’ve had a pretty good experience with them. The 2020 Street 500 lets you ride with style, featuring a blacked-out, liquid-cooled V-Twin engine that is ready conquer the hot and heavy traffic of urban streets. They look fantastic. Color Street, Incoco, and Coconut nails are all made by the same company. I would recommend Lily and Fox for events and occasions where I only need to wear them for a few hours. Available while supplies last. When you connect with an Independent Stylist, you’re connecting with a passionate product expert dedicated to giving you the best possible shopping experience and customer service. These nail polish strips cost $11-14 for each set, and shipping is $3.00. mjcaraway64 on February 25, 2020: These nails are super easy to apply, don’t need any heat or tools to apply and only take a few minutes, plus no dry time! I bought some as Christmas gifts but wanted to give them a try first to see what I was gifting. Great designs, great price and they lasted over 4 weeks. From your review I think I might be disappointed. Answer: I think Lily and Fox is a company that sells cast off or overstocked nail strips, so I think some of the designs might have been misprinted. Answer: Yes, Color Street nails and most nail strips are very flexible. They take some getting used to and every once in a while I’ll find a set that isn’t very consistent in quality, but for the price, they’re really quite good. Question: I have flat nails with ridges. macOS Big Sur (version 11) is the 17th and current major release of macOS, Apple Inc.'s operating system for Macintosh computers, and is the successor to macOS Catalina (version 10.15). Celebrating 20 Years of Excellence and Innovation, Cambria Quartz, the industry's leader in Quartz Countertops, is proud to announce their 20th Design Launch, adding 20 new designs to their collection, on their 20th Anniversary. After I use all the nails I need for the first time, I put the extras back in the clear plastic sleeve they came in, fold it over and tape it all the way around. ! Free shipping on many items ... COLOR STREET Nail Strips Holiday Collection 2020 ️GLITTERSWEET ️ Free Shipping. 35. Looking for a quick, cheap replacement I happened on Lily and Fox. The reviews of the products and opportunity usually comments on how well the company measures up to expectations based on the specifications provided by company. Because of this I learned about lily and fox, and so far really like my first set. For 2020, industry experts at leading paint brands reveal a palette of color picks that promise a year of stylish serenity. Question: I just ordered a batch of L&F strips. Love them. Color Street Nail Strips Light Green Discontinued. Vrs between 1 and 2 weeks before. Oct 22, 2020 - Color Street is 100% real nail polish strips that come in solid, French Manicure, Glitter and Nail Art!. There are also petite sizes and pedicures in this listing so choose accordingly. I’ve had a couple that are upside down. It’s kind of weird. Devastated! Again, great article, veey accurate and well described. I was under the impression that once they were opened they had to be used right away. Color Street strips smell like nail polish, which I like. These products are appealing and fun, and they’ve got far more variety than Color Street—in particular, they deliver some great designs for holidays. Shortest time I’ve ever had my nails done for. Nail Polish Strips FREE Sample w/purchase of 2 Strips Authentic NIB Color Street… ... NEW COLOR STREET FALL 2020 SETS NAIL POLISH STRIPS SET. And I love their variety of designs! Lily and Fox is an Australian-based online retailer. Disappointing but I guess the price difference explains it. Thanks for the article! Lauren Flauding (author) from Sahuarita, AZ on September 30, 2019: So sorry about your lost nail strips! Free shipping. When you connect with an Independent Stylist, you’re connecting with a passionate product expert dedicated to giving you the best possible shopping experience and customer service. They will last weeks if you do absolutely nothing, but if you plan on dressing yourself, eating and preparing food, wrangling kids, or doing any other type of daily activities, these nail strips will chip and crack.