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Since our inception, HALEF International is the India’s first one stop platform for moving and other allied services for corporates. Whether you need an expert overseas moving services, business relocation, warehousing, Logistics, scrap management or waste management services, down the block or across the globe, we make the process safe and reliable for every end user. With experienced staff, extensive industry knowledge and global quality accreditation, you can be assured that you will receive quality service expected from an industry leader.
We enhance relationships to render proficient & personalised facility catching the whole gamut of services. We’re a team that works globally to provide the best service locally — a company that is everything you need, everywhere you need it.
HALEF International helps you to manage a globally mobile workforce, to take care of your relocations and allied services to protect the integrity of your corporate information or to ensure the safe transit of Personal Household goods. With 24/7 customer support we help families to minimize the upheaval, and companies to maintain their policies and achieve the outcomes they require from assignments.
We are always looking forward, using innovative thinking and delivering solutions tailored to the needs of both companies and individuals. We pride ourselves on offering up-to-date, reliable & friendly logistic services at home and abroad, using the state-of-the-art technology, all at competitive prices. We also work with partners in international moving, the companies across the world to offer a highly reliable and quick business and personal moving services India & globally.
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